Final Assembly Factory #40/16 1972

That is me in the background. This was actually my first “Line” job tightening the fuel and brake line clips. The first day I hired in with a group, they had us cleaning guard rails.

The photo above is the final or “slat line” in factory #40 during the 1973 model build.
The photo at the top is the chassis line, the department I first worked in at Buick. The first employee at left is Rich Allen. He went on to become a supervisor, “one of the good guys” a very nice person. The way the assembly line looped through the factory at this time (start of build to finish build) actually put these two photos only about 100 ft. apart. At the end of the slat line was the location of my February 12th, 1980 accident,when I crushed a new Buick. The employee below is Cass Campbell. (click the link to view my accident)

Gerry Godin 1980 Accident

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