Inside Factory #11 1909

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Here is a postcard of factory #11 from around 1909.  

This partial page from Don Bent’s book (second edition) “A Place called Buick” Shows the exact same location as the photo below. The photo below I have seen on numerous web sites and they all have a little bit different explanation as to what is going on and the location.
Publicity shot inside of factory #11.They did not assemble the car here. There are some parts lying around, so maybe there is some repair work going on.

2 thoughts on “Inside Factory #11 1909

  1. my Gosh….!
    what model is that…?

    is that the elusive Model 6…?

    Long 113 in wheelbase.
    5×5 T-Head, NOT valve-in-head.
    36 in rear tires….?

    my gosh…my gosh…. could it be…?
    could it be….?

    life long searching for the 1909 Model 6

  2. Love your enthusiasm. I updated the post from my main blog “All Things Buick” just for you. I have no further information on this model or what is is doing at the south-end of the engine plant with it’s oil pan removed.

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