Buick 1938

This aerial view (facing north west) over the Buick site about 1938, shows the bridge over the Pere Marquette rail line now in place. When factory #94 is built, this bridge will connect it at the second floor. When I worked there if you proceeded straight east on the bridge you exited onto the second floor of #94. You would then drive around near the ramp (Follow the 2nd link at the bottom) going to the first floor, then park the car on the chain driven line. You would then add a tire chock to the chain, which would move the vehicle through various final check stations. If, when you exited the bridge at the second floor, you turned right, you went down another ramp & exited the building near the north end of factory #17 truck repair. follow the first link for a close up photo

Factory #94

Factory #94 Inside First Floor


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