Buick Test Track / Factory #35

Announcing the first Buick test track.
This photo from “Seventy Years Of Buick” by: George Dammann states, “Although it wouldn’t be introduced until 1914, Buick’s new 6-cylinder engine was under very thorough and top secret testing this year. Here the unit is seen mounted in the 1914 chassis and using an experimental 1914-type radiator. It was being given a series of test runs around the Buick track at Flint”. This appears to be the same vehicle that Montney is driving below, only with a different radiator.
Arthur Montney: (above), November 29, 1913. This is the test track at Buick in Flint, Michigan. He was one of the first Buick test drivers. This is where the saying Put it in the Buick came from. I have never heard this saying. I guess I’m to young. This photo is from the Montney family site.

In this view of the Buick test track you are facing east. The Buick factory (retouched) in the background is the old Mott factory #5 but at the time of this photo is already Buick factory #35. The Pere Marquette rail line with boxcars is also visible beyond track.

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