Overview Buick 1938

In this view of the Buick site you are facing north. As you look at the bottom right corner, you can just make out the bridge from the photo posting before this one, (follow the link below) being built to straighten the approach to Hamilton Avenue from the east side. This picture also shows numerous other changes at Buick, such as the garage now has 3 floors (on the part facing Hamilton) and the east wing has 4. Two of the old original Mott factories are gone, plus factory #37, which was replaced early on by the Buick axle heat treat, which is also gone in this photo. Factory #35 originally a Mott plant but used by Buick for small parts is also gone. Also removed is the east wing of old factory #01. This view shows the original powerhouse (built in 1906) is long gone since 1920. Factory #10 an original assembly plant where early Buick seats were stuffed (with horse hair) has been extended to the south with a roof now connecting it to factory #07. When these two factories combined they created factory #62 the “UNIFIED ASSEMBLY LINE” where my father worked from 1946 until 1966.

Hamilton Avenue bridge #3


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