Factory #06 Assembly

Here’s the east bridge connecting #01 to #06 sometime (after 1920) in the early 20’s. This bridge was torn down with the east wing of #01 in 1934.

Here we see #06 assembly after the first overhead bridge would attach it to factory #01. This view is facing northwest across Division st.
This is one of those photos that were altered by the Buick photographic department.

Inside factory #06 around 1910 and as you see they are assembling the cars using the old “craft” method. The craft method Buick used looked different than others I’ve seen. Most have one worker building the entire vehicle from start to finish. Buick would use the craft method again in the late 80’s in Lansing Michigan when they built the Reatta. I believe these views are facing south due to the fact that I have a photo showing axle assembly’s being delivered at the south dock, also factory #29 inspection was at the north-end.

This view looking north across Division street at the second assembly plant built at Buick in 1907. At this time in 1923 factory #01 was the paint factory. This is the factory that you see in the background of the Chrysler staged photo of all the Buick employees. In 1947 factory #40 “new #40 building #16 will be built almost on it’s exact footprint.

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