Factory #03 Inside And Out

This view of a hammer/forge shows great detail, I have a film from 1940 showing this in action at Buick. The fan in the foreground was well built and many survived and could still be found when they closed final assembly. I had one in my pit in factory#04 second floor in 1976. The worker at the left with the hose, sprays off the slag while the other worker places the billet to be forged in the die and controls the hammer blows with his foot on a treadle.

A north-east view of the forge shop.
Unknown worker in factory #03 in 1930.
Charles Phort with pipe. This photo and the two below are from Tom Phort, and show his grandfather at the Buick plant. Found on Gordon Young’s site Flint Expatriates
Charles Phort working on a die.
Die sinking room in the forge.

This view in the forge shop or “hammer shop if you prefer” shows a worker forging a crankshaft, as a group of bosses has him surrounded. ” I Wonder what that was all about?” Or was this just a photo opportunity? I don’t know the location (or direction here) because when I toured Buick in 1960, we did not go in here. I don’t think they would let tourist’s go here anyways. Link:

Factory #03 Buildings


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