Factory #09 Northeast Corner

This view of factory #09 facing south west from Division st. and the access road from Industrial ave. shows the finished car inspection department. This building was attached to the north end of factories #06 and #07. Looking to the right up the access rd. you first see the overhead bridge which had a moving chain link line delivering fenders and such from factory #o5 to factory #07 assembly. Beyond that you can just see the north end of factory #10. In the next post with this same view you will notice new brick work on this corner of the building with some obvious changes. I’ve seen this same brick used in other buildings when openings were changed (look at previous post of factory #10) but this is a more jagged change and looks more like they had an explosion or fire at this location. I have a news account of a fire and explosion near here (between the forge shop #03 and #12) but would not think it would involve this structure but that requires more research. You can see a crack in the corner pillar and brace’s holding the wall up with what looks like two workers sitting around getting ready to rebuild it who knows.

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