Factory #29 1922

This view looking south-east at #29 from 1922, still shows it’s original size. This factory was built to be used for war work, but the war ended before it was finished in 1918. The life of this factory was always the same (tool making). The structure (separate from #29) built in 1920 is for heat treat. In the distance you can just barely see factory #05 the enamel plant. I never had cause to enter #29 “even though I worked all around it”. I did peek in the windows once to see what color it was painted and the pillars were green on bottom with white tops. After Buick City was created they were painted the strange tans and greens of that time.Whereas the other factory’s built around the same time (with a similar structure) had blue and white pillars at that time, (except the old #11 office area). So you would have to scrape many layers to see what the original colors were, and that’s too late now. The building was totally gone on august 20th, 2002. Links:

Factory #29 Tool Factory.

Factory #29 1922

Factory #29 1922                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    March 1919.


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