Factory #4 and #3 Body Shop

This east facing view is showing factory #4 and #8 about 1910.

This artist’s rendition from 1920 shows the Stewart #3 plant looking north east. Flint Varnish Works is directly beyond in this photo with Imperial Wheel at the upper left.

This top photo shows the W.F Stewart factory #3 viewed from the south west. Photo taken from the north end of the A.C. factory on Industrial Ave. This building is located where “Cookies Barn” would be in later years.

This view of  factory #3 is from the south-east across the Pere Marquette main line tracks.

This view across Hamilton and Industrial facing south east shows Buick’s first body plant #4 the original Stewart plant. The enclosed ramp from the third floor is for lowering body’s down to waiting trucks which hauled them to the assembly plant four at a time. At this time I believe they were taken to factory #10. In 1923 the opened body cars were still being assembled in factory #06, #07 and also the center section of #01. The tunnel leading to factory #01 was still in use at this time taking body’s for paint. I believe the tunnel carried the open body’s only. In a previous post entitled Weston-Mott 1923 if you look north up Industrial Ave. you can see in the distance one of these oversize trucks hauling (closed) Buick body’s.

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