Factory #62 Emmanuel Godin

This view of factory #62 is the south end at the hairpin loop exiting old factory #07. You are facing south.

The two views facing south in factory #62 are both from the same vantage point. The one at left is from 1950 the one at right 1951. The unique windows are still visible in the photo at right in the extreme background. The worker in the left foreground is my father Emmanuel Godin his nickname at the plant was “Mannie” and I met several of his coworkers at Buick,he died in 1966. I’ve seen this photo in numerous publications and I even have one from a General Motors Quarterly report in 1950 showing this on the cover. He said he would be famous if he had just looked at the camera. The book that he had showing this photo was a Buick in-house publication and sadly was destroyed in a flood but I did see another copy but the person would not part with it.

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