Factory #62 WWII

This tank transmission cutaway is in the Sloan museum in Flint.

Four views of the M18 “Hellcat” tank being built at Buick during World War II in factory #62. The larger “Sherman” tank was built at Grand Blanc Michigan just south of Flint. Tank production also went on at the Fisher #1 plant. The Hellcat used a radial aircraft engine for it’s power, The transmission was completely built at Buick Flint. Link:

Factory #62 Getting Ready For War

2 thoughts on “Factory #62 WWII

  1. My name is Bob Johnston and my grandfather was the foreman in charge of the hellcat tank production.I have quite a bit of stuff like pictures of the workers.My dad gave Buick a pencil list of the workers and there assembly jobs. One of a kind type of thing.

  2. Bob,My dad worked in the tank plant during WW-II. His name was Robert F. (Bob) Weiss.Got any info on him?Stephen A. (Steve) Weissnot to be confused with my nephew Stephen M. Weiss

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