Final Line 1956 & 1958

Here is the headlight alignment area in factory #62 January 17, 1958. Safety Wheels Flint, Mich. ; not new ornaments for ’58 cars. These 22-inch steel circles are condensing lenses designed to adjust headlight beams in a Flint, Mich. , auto plant. They focus the beams into Photoelectric cells which show the adjustment necessary to insure the car of “20/20 vision” at night. The focusing procedure at the factory is part of a new “Aim To Leave” campaign designed to reduce night time accidents. Published 1/28/58.      The employee is Wilford Partridge. This photo is from Don Bent’s book “A Place Called Buick”. Link to see this job in action:

1959 Buick Assembly

Here we are in factory #62 in a well lit final inspection area. This is before the headlight adjust. The head lamp trim has not been installed yet.

This is the roll test in factory #62 during 1956.   A 1956 advertisement here.


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