Building #16 factory #40 1947

A full view of the area shown below. Excuse the Mylar reflection. This is a protected archive print

This view from 1947 shows building #16, the new factory #40 being built. The photo was taken from the Buick main office, facing north. Old factory #06 is gone but #01 you can just see at the bottom left. You can see old factory #07 (at that time designated #62) becoming the west wall of the new factory. Before Buick City this new receiving dock was known as 16 south. The dock at the north end was 16 north. The rail dock along the east wall was 16 rail dock, which you can see a couple of pictures of in the next post. This was a busy place because most small parts were received here and then distributed to all of final assembly. Photos from Buick and Sloan in Flint, Michigan.

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