Factory #94

This view is looking north at factory #94 with bridge #23 now attached at the west end of #94. The addition to #94 to the north with the white roof is #94a built probably during 1946/47. If you look close at the south wall of #94 where the wall angles to the south east that black square is the first floor exit from bridge #23 right at the north end of factory #17 truck repair. Conference rooms were still present on the east end of the second floor where we still held meetings in the 90’s. The rest of the building was used after the creation of Buick City mostly for just storing old engineering projects. I used to stop and look at the #001 & #002 1987 Grand National pilot cars every once in a while. Their drive trains were not present but they still had all the road testing equipment bolted to the top of their dash’s. One day coming to work heading south on Dort highway just past Pierson road I see those two pilot cars on a transport truck in front of old Sam’s salvage yard, now do you think someone actually crushed them or did they get hidden away? They even had their one of a kind wheels still on them and when I got to work and walked past their resting place for many years, they were in fact gone.

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