Factory #28 Buick On The Roof 2

Mott Foundation building (down town Flint) in the extreme background.

Gas storage tanks on the south side of the Flint river in the distance.

Factory #34 is in the background plus the odd shaped shed.

The view above of the rear of the car, which is facing east, you can see the Commonwealth Power Co. building on the left and Stevens Moving & Storage on the right. follow link

Commonwealth Power Company

Here is a 54 Buick on the roof of #28. Notice the Ford in the background. I seen many different cars from other company’s being dissected at Buick.

In this photo on the roof of factory #28 you are facing southwest with factory #84 (engineering) showing at the top right with the open windows. This turntable is different than the one from 1952. I believe this is a 1953 chassis showing Buick’s new V8. I’m not familiar with these hubcaps but they appear to have the 50th anniversary emblem.

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