Building #84 Demolition

These are photo’s I took in December of 2000.

2 thoughts on “Building #84 Demolition

  1. I hired in old factory #40 23 Nov 1965 when we built Electra’s and Wildcats. I worked in the first zone where the bodies first went on the line, which was across Division street while the main plant was on the other side.

  2. Sorry, I meant Riviera’s and Wildcats. At changeover they took off 2nd shift and I went to 2nd floor body line zone 32. I stayed there until January, 1971 when I transferred to the 3rd floor Factory 11, paint shop. In 1980 I transferred to Factory #1 (torque converters) and from there to Factory 81, torque converters. I eventually got onto shilled trades (gauge or instrument repair and retired in 1996 at age 53. God bless the UAW.

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