Factory #38 Axle Machine Shop + Hamady Store

This is the first Hamady store (Hamady Brothers’ Cash Grocery)at 2315 Industrial. They also had a store at 2319 and this was the meat market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The tin ceiling evident in this photo was common to all the old stores on Industrial, including Mary’s saloon.

This was the site of Buick’s first foundry (Michigan Motor Castings), although some say this is the same factory I think this was built around 1917. Buick’s new foundry, factory #20 was built in 1916. There is no resemblance to the old M.M.C.’s plant at all. This view is facing across the intersection of Dayton st. and Industrial ave looking north east. Flint residents will remember the Hamady Bros. and their chain of food stores, the first was located at Dayton and Industrial in 1911. In the 1960’s they were just about in every neighborhood in Flint. Back then you either worked for Hamady or G.M., if you wanted security in a job. My brother larry Godin retired from Hamady after 30 years. My father really did not want his children working for G.M. so he prodded my brother toward Hamady. My sister and I both worked for G.M. in Flint.

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