Industrial and Hamilton.

Shown at top is the bank directly west of the Mott factories.

Another view of Weston-Mott showing the addition to their main office. This would be 1909-1910.

Here’s a view from the south west at the Weston-Mott factory #31/#32 yet to get it’s last addition #33 to the north (Michigan Motors Plant is still visible) and the power plant still has one stack. The Industrial bank has not been built yet.

In this view the Industrial Bank has now been built on the north west corner of Industrial and Hamilton. This would be about 1910.

This view from 1910 shows the Weston-Mott office with it’s addition’s to the east and west. You can now see factory #01 has the addition to it’s west wing north to the power plant. The final addition north #33 on the Weston-Mott plant is complete blocking the view of Michigan Motor Casting. The infamous “Duffys” hotel has now been built across Industrial at the left center. This hotel was still there up until Buick City was built. When I worked first shift in the 70’s (in the future factory #04) you could look down into the windows and see the prostitutes plying their trade. The power plant has doubled in size and now has two stacks. 


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