W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard

I find it interesting that W.F.Stewart is listed in the Flint City Directory (for 1881-1882) as boarding with William A. Patterson the largest carriage maker in Flint at that time. W.F. Stewart started his own company in 1881. The Stewart’s and Durant/Crapo family are related (in later years) through marriage.

Workers shown (above & below) inside factory #4 building open body’s. The W.F. Stewart co. was incorporated in October 1898.

This old postcard has Stewart spelled wrong. This view is facing south from Industrial Ave. This was where the charitable organization Old News Boys of Flint was started. from the Old News Boys web site: The Old Newsboys, Inc. was founded in 1924 in Factory 4, Buick’s Body Plant by O.W. Young, the Plant Superintendent; Horace Hatch, the tool crib attendant; Police Captain McLean; Forest Boswell, Buick Personnel Director; Dr. H.A. Stewart; George McKinley, Park Superintendent; Will Parrish and Harry Berry of the Detroit Old Newsboys or Goodfellows as they were called. Link for more photos inside factory #4:

Inside factory #4 More links:

View of Flint from Buick

Factory #4 Postcard Showing Bank

Factory #4 and #3 Body Shop



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