Factory #27 The "Liberty Engine" Plant

The cafeteria for factory #27.
Camp #5 for men only is viewed from the north-west. “I love the tent”.
The Liberty engine test cells.

The Liberty engine factory was located away from other factories at Buick for security reasons. It was located on the south-side of Stewart st. next to the Pere Marquette rail line. The south facing view above was taken from Stewart st. The view below facing east has the main building in the background with the test sheds in the foreground. Built in 1918 this view at #27 is from Stewart st. looking southwest at the north-end. The structure at the left is the powerhouse. The photo below shows where the workers lived. This just shows one building but there were many, enough for 368 workers. The smoke stacks are for the factory #27 powerhouse. Photos from the Buick Research Gallery. Links:

Factory #29 Tool Factory.

De Havilland DH-4

Inside Factory #27

Liberty Engine Test Sheds 1918


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