Hamilton Avenue At Buick

This east view of Buick on Hamilton Avenue shows a very busy place in 1913.

The red arrow shows the placement of Dort’s left foot on the wooden rail. The yellow arrow shows the direction the photographer was facing.

Front row from left seated are E.J.Copeland, purchasing agent-Walter Marr,chief engineer-Walter P. Chrysler,Buick’s works manager-Charles W.Nash,President of Buick-R.H. Collins,sales manager & Floyd Allen,assistant secretary-treasurer. Second row shows at left, Edwin S. Lunt,assistant sales manager-the short gentelman behind Chrysler is Cady B. Durham,factory superintendent. Row three far left is Enos A.DeWaters.
Top left shows the Buick officers in 1911 on the steps of the first office on Hamilton. Top right shows Ruth Nash the daughter of Charles Nash. The lower left shows Walter Marr’s experimental tandem two seat”Cycle car” in 1914. The lower right shows Billy Durant and Dallas Dort on the sidewalk probably around 1907.

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