A.C. On Industrial Avenue and the Buick Bug.

Louis Chevrolet and his “Buick Bug”.
Bob Burman in his “Buick Bug”.
Louis Chevrolet and Bob Burman in their “Buick Bugs”.
Louis Chevrolet after an accident in his “Buick Bug”.
This is in San Francisco during 1920. I wonder if this is the missing car that Louis Chevrolet drove “or” Bill Burman’s auto?
The Buick bug in White.
Two midget Buick racers.
An early magazine ad showing Bob Burman in his Bug.
Special “60” specs.
Louis Chevrolet in his Bug. The only surviving Bug is believed to be Wild Bob Burman’s car.
The “Bug” on it’s way to a show.
Ariel view of A.C. on Industrial also showing Stewart factory #3 at upper right.
Original photo of the first A.C. plant on Industrial Avenue looking east.

Here’s a rare shot of the “Buick Bug” painted white.
This is the Buick “Bug” at the Sloan Museum in Flint Michigan.
This view facing north east shows factory #04 body receiving behind the Buick Bug in 1971.
This photo of the Buick Bug shows A.C. in the background in 1971.This view from the Main Office parking lot is facing southeast.

I made this rough overlay just to show the relative position of the A.C. factory in conjunction with the Buick factories along Industrial Avenue. The A.C. plant was built on either side of Industrial with bridge’s connecting the east and west wings. This view is facing northeast. I don’t remember when the A.C. plant was demolished but it was still there in the early 70’s.

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