Champion Ignition Company 1908

The yellow star shows Albert Champion’s first office in Flint which was located in Buick’s factory #01. The red one shows the office of the Buick manager.
This photo from 1909 shows they were still going by the name Champion.

3 thoughts on “Champion Ignition Company 1908

  1. Do you happen to know the nature of the falling out between A. Champion and the Stranahans that saw him move to Flint and them move to Toledo?

    • I am going to bed right now Christopher but I will get back soon and let you know what I can find out. I have a rather large library and it will take a little time. Have a good night…Gerry Godin

  2. I find many conflicting dates Christopher concerning early spark plug manufacturing in the U.S. I checked all my own books and every one mostly just says it was a “falling out” between Albert and the 3 Stranahan brothers. I then spent a few hours doing on lie research and there is quite a bit. The following link seemed to contain the best information but still doesn’t answer your question. If I find better information I will pass it along. Good luck on your quest…Gerry Godin

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