Buick Driveaway 1923

This article is from the Automotive Industries trade journal from April 7, 1921.
News about women being used for the Drive away program in 1922.
Just a clearer photo of the area shown below.
There is the Buick Drive-Away office at the left. This view from Industrial avenue shows factory #10 in the distance. At this time #10 was the closed body assembly plant. All the buildings heading south along Industrial Avenue is the future site of factory #04 built in 1947.

This area at the south end of factory #12 was the Buick Drive-Away location. This would one day be the Oak Park entrance to Buick City. This would also be the motor line for a couple of years during my time when they walled up this are at the north-end of future factory #04 assembly.

The Buick drive-away structure was located at the south-end of factory #12 body shop. This would be the Oak Park entrance after WWII. The Buick gas station was located on Division street between factory #02 train shed and factory #40 transmission plant. This structure built in 1920 was numbered #49.

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