Buick Assembly Jackson Michigan 1905-1912

Honors bestowed on Buick personnel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      July 1912.
This shows the Jackson factory from the north-east. The separate departments were called factories, and were numbered #3, #4 and #5. After this factory quit producing Buick’s, the factory numbers were transferred to the Flint north site. Factory #01 on Kearsley Street in Flint was changed to #02 after the first Buick factory was built on Hamilton Avenue in Oak Park and became #01. The #04 would become the number of the old W.F. Stewart plant after Buick purchased it, and eventually was given to the new body plant (1947) built after World War II . The number 3 would become the new forge plant at Buick and would later replace factory #30’s number in 1963 when it became the Buick spring plant. The number 5 would become the Buick enamel plant in Flint and eventually would be transferred to the new J-65 jet engine plant built in 1953. Buick sure did reuse the plant numbers a lot.

This article concerns the truck production moving from Jackson to Flint in 1912. Buick’s truck production in Flint ceased mid year in 1923. 1922 truck advertisement. 

The article shown above, concerning the move back to Flint, is from Cycle And Automobile in 1906.

Articles concerning the Jackson factory from the trade journals: “Motor Age” & Automobile Review”.
Postcard of Jackson Michigan plant.
A period postcard of the Jackson Buick plant.
This is from an advertisement for the first year of auto production at the Jackson Michigan plant. Production overlapped in 1907 when Buick factory #01 was finished and eventually all car ‘s were built in the new Flint factory,leaving only truck production in Jackson.
A finished Buick outside of the Jackson plant.

Here we see the Jackson Michigan plant where Buick cars and trucks were built between 1905 and 1912. The top photo is facing north across the Central Michigan rail line,and appears to be after the sale to Imperial Automobile Company. The bottom photo is facing west across Purifier street which was later changed to Wisner street. This was an original Imperial Wheel Company factory built in 1888. The Durant – Dort company bought this factory in the late 1890s to keep better control of cost for their buggy wheels. Eventually a new plant was built in Flint Michigan as one of the first additions to the Oak Park Industries. General Motors eventually purchased this plant. Jackson Atlas Showing Buick Factory.

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