My Mother and General Motors Birthplace.

During restoration.
After the restoration.
This is how my mother remembered the Durant-Dort office when she was a child. This is also the way I remember it in the 60’s when we passed it on the way to Kresges.
I took this photo in 2003 during Buick’s 100th celebration. I’m almost in the same location as the original photographer when the picture of my mom on her trike was taken.
The state historic marker in front of the Durant-Dort office. Constructed in 1896 at 315 West Water Street in Flint, the building was the original headquarters of the Durant-Dort Carriage Company and eventually the birthplace of General Motors. After the carriage firm ceased operations in 1917, this building was headquarters of the now defunct Dort Motor Car Company until 1925.

The arrow points to my mothers house. This is the picture she showed me and pointed out the house she grew up in.
This view is looking east up water street from Mason st.
This postcard shows the Durant-Dort office with a flat roof which is what my mother told me it had. This is the way it was for most of the 20th century after a fire destroyed the original roof structure.
This is young Lorraine Royer at the corner of Water & Lyon she is facing west. You can just see the top of the Industrial Bank building on Saginaw St., above the Conoco gas sign. She would be facing the Durant-Dort office with the main factory across the street.

This is where my mother Lorraine (Royer) Godin grew up in the late 20’s and early thirties. This area is now known as the Historic Carriage Town. In this view we are facing west. The Royer home is now a parking lot. I have a photo of the 1947 flood showing the house converted into a gas station.


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