Original Buick Factory In Flint Michigan

Buick also built engines for the farm.

This south-east view over the original Flint Wagon Works factory before it burnt on March 21, 1900 shows the site directly across the street (wood storage above the word Kearsley) where the first Buick factory would be built in late 1903.

This view facing west, with the Chevrolet avenue bridge in the distance, is the same view as below. The building with the row of windows around the top would be the location of the first Buick plant in Flint. This is the east end of factory #4. This was the where the cafeteria was located, that I mentioned in a previous post. You can still see the remnants of the Grand Trunk rail line in the foreground.

This fantasy photo resembles what would have been in early 1904 with Kearsley street running between the two factories. The viewer would be facing west. Below you can view the Current site of the original Kearsley street factory.  Link for original plant in color

This is a 1907 map showing the original location of the first Flint Buick factory #1. This later became factory #2 after the creation of the Big Buick plant on Hamilton avenue.

This is showing the original locations of the first Buick factory in Flint. The view is facing west across the old Chevy in the hole site. This was where I worked in 1973. You can see many more photos of this site in my previous posts.

This map showing the detail north of the Flint river shows Wilcox st. which later became Chevrolet ave. This is from the same 1870 map as shown below.

This closeup photo showing the location of the various buildings comprising the Wagon Works was taken at the Stockton House on Ann Arbor st. in Flint. This is a wonderful 4 foot 1870 map. Said to be the only one known to exist.

This was the original product being built in the Flint factory.


One thought on “Original Buick Factory In Flint Michigan

  1. Any info you’ve got on Chevy in the hole, I’d love to hear. Particularly, I’ve wanted to know more about what was there in recent years up to the Delphi West era.

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