100,000 mile Buick

This 1909 Buick model 10 made a stop in Flint in front of the old Weston Mott factory in 1923, on it’s way to California. The driver was E.L. Sapp


A Film: Working Inside Buick City 1995

I made this film with my rather large VHS camera covertly hidden in a box with just the lens protruding. “Secret Agent Man”. You were not allowed to bring cameras on company property. Maybe that’s why I was always in trouble? The first person you see at the beginning in the blue ball cap is Greg Lamay. He is quite a character. Most of his story’s are being put down in my memoirs which I’ve been working on for years, because I don’t think they would go over well in this format. I’ll never forget his (II Duce) “Benito Mussolini” imitation that he always used when we had a rather stern boss. The man with long black hair and cowboy hat is Doug Cocke (pronounced COX). He passed away in 1999 . I have films of him and I playing guitar’s together. The gentleman with white hair and beard is James (Jim) Doepker a farmer from near Owosso. He came to Buick from Fisher #1 when it closed. The worker saying hello to my wife while unloading fan racks is Levon Flickenger one of my drinking buddy’s. Most all of this film was shot on the second floor of factory #40, building #16, departments 44, 45 and 53. At certain points in this film I inserted still shots showing the location at the time. “Get some popcorn and enjoy the film”.        Buick Film

Many Faces Of Durant

Durant’s last enterprise, The North Flint Recreation Center.
Looking like a true leader.
Adolescent William.
Young Durant with a hair style that you would see today.
Billy’s son Russell “Clifford” in the first Chevrolet.
Billy in the light colored cap during the 1906 Glidden tour.
Durant sitting at his desk in the office at Durant Dort on Water street in Flint. Dallas Dort is on the left and Fred Aldrich is on the extreme right.
Durant and old friend Dort having beans and ham in New York.
Billy demonstrating the Samson tractor.

Willam C. Durant

Lower photo with his personnel secretary Aristo Scrobogan. Center photo with Sloan. At top with Wife Catherine and daughter Margery. Michele, who’s Great Uncle is Russel Clifford Durant wrote: On the pic listed as Billy with wife Catherine, and Gr. Daughter, Marjory, Marjory was Billy’s daughter from his 1st wife Clara Pitt, they also had a son Russell Clifford, he’s my great uncle. Gerry wrote: Thanks for the help on this photo Michele, I was having problems with that one. This is how we can keep history alive and accurate. Clara Pitt lived at 513 1/2 Roosevelt Avenue in 1915.