Billy Durant Boyhood Home.

This is the Flint High school facing north-west with Durant’s boyhood home in the lower left corner. Shown enlarged below. This is from my personal collection.

That is the Durant home shown directly across the street from the Flint High school.

This is the same view of the south-west corner of Second and Church where Billy Durant’s home (shown below) was located. The site is now occupied by the Federal building in Flint. Click on Google map for a movable view. Google map

The house circled in red was the Durant home.

This map from 1890 shows the downtown area of Flint.

Durant’s boyhood home in Flint, Michigan. This photo and the two above are from “The Picture History Of Flint” by: Lawrence Gustin.

link for directory.

The Flint City Directory for 1881-1882 shows Durant still living at home with his mother.

Original Link.

Original link

William Crapo Durant: born December 8th,1861  died March 18th, 1947 at age 85. 
He declared bankruptcy in 1936 and by 1940 was running a bowling alley, North Flint Recreation, on the east side of north Saginaw Street between Baker and Rankin.  the A 1900 story on Durant. A 1955 news story with a great photo of Durant in a 1909 Buick. A great 1981 story.


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