1975 Buick Pace Car

An original prototype sketch.
At the end of the final/slat line in factory #40 at Buick in Flint. This view is facing east. That is the bumper line in the background, located adjacent to 16 rail dock. The decals used on this car could still be found on lockers and such all over Buick City when I left in 1997. The story goes that production on this particular car was drastically reduced. “Maybe because they run out of decals”.

The Sloan Museum car. One of only two built with a 455 cubic inch V8. Actor James Garner at Indianapolis. On the track at Indy. “The Sloan car photo was supplied by my brother Larry Godin”, who was an avid Buick collector”. He passed away in 1998. He was the real Buick historian in the family. “I’m just carrying on where he left off”.
At Indianapolis.
1975 advertisement.
The first prototype. link here for all the statistics concerning this unique vehicle : http:// www.buickfreespirit.com/faq.html Dean’s Garage 75-76 pace cars 1981 pace car


2 thoughts on “1975 Buick Pace Car

  1. T tops. What a nightmare. If there is anything worse it's dealer installed T tops. We used to sell the ASC tops and I never saw a set that didn't leak. Thanks for the memories.

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