Body Receiving 1947.

This view facing north from the main office in 1947 shows body receiving at factory #01. Building #16 has just been built and would become the new factory #40. The old transmission plant #40 is on the right. The area where the construction sheds for building #16 are located would be the future site of the Chemical and paint “Tank Farm” which would be built in the early 1980’s. Looks like a mix of every model Buick made for 1948 except a convertible and Wagon. I see a Super Sedanette entering factory #01, a 4 door Sedan going up ramp and a couple of Special Series cars on the top and lower level of the Fisher Body delivery truck. The ones on the truck are both Sedanette models. Buick had three series that year: Special (2 models), Super (4 models) and Roadmaster also with (4 models). follow the first link for the 1960 photo of the new body receiving that replaced this one. follow the third link for a 1924 view of body receiving. also follow the second link for another view of the 1947 body receiving dock

Body Recieving 1960

Body Recieving in factory #01

Factory #01 closed body recieving 1924.


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