Division Street 1947

In this view facing directly north up Division Street we have factory #01 on the left. Then in the middle is the just completed assembly plant, bldg. #16/#40, where I first entered a General Motors factory in 1972. At the right is the old transmission plant #40. Factory #01 was constructed between 1905-1906. The original contract for construction on this building was signed on September 4, 1905. The builders were Field, Hinchman & Smith out of Detroit, Michigan. This was actually the 2nd Buick factory built in Flint, but after erecting this factory in the Oak Park Industrial Complex on Hamilton Avenue, factory #1 on east Kearsley street became factory #2. This factory covered all aspects of car assembly (truck assembly continued at Jackson) after Buick assembly moved back to Flint from Jackson, Michigan. Building #16/#40 erected between 1946-1947 replaced factory#06 constructed in 1907 which took over assembly operations previously done in factory #01. When first built this factory became part of the Unified Assembly plant #62 which came into being in 1925. Factory #40 built between 1919-1920 took over transmission assembly that had previously been done in factory #01. you can find more information at the following post’s

Factory #01 closed body recieving 1924.

Factory #01 Roof Trusses

Body Recieving in factory #01

Buick Factory #1 Machine Floor

Buick Factories 1908

Factory #1 Buick 1920

Division street During 100 Years.

Division Street 1934

Getting The Picture

Buick factory #1 & #6

Buick Factory #01 interior

Factory #01

Buick Factory #1 Hamilton st. Flint Michigan (view south west)

A Film: Working Inside Buick City 1995

Factory #40 Building #16 1947 & 1997

Factory #40/bldg 16 1978

Factory #40/bldg 16

Engine cradle installation factory #40

Factory #40 1923

Factory #40 Description + Display

Factory #40 Tunnel

Factory #40 1920’s

Factory #40 machining 1950’s

Factory #40 1997

Factory #40 views

Factory #40 1984

Factory #40’s End plus so much more JUST EXPLORE!

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