Buick Switch Engine


Viewed from the Stewart Street overpass.
Train schedule. You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used. The schedules will be very clear.


Train schedule.


Switch engine 792 in July 1984 facing west from the Stewart Street overpass. Factory #10 is at the left with #05 in the distance.

Switch engine 792 in September 1985.


Switch engine 792 in 1985. It is shown farther below in it’s original color.


Switch engine 818 in 1985.


The original look of #818.


Here is Buick switch engine #522. I’m not sure of the year.


This was the fate of the 818 train from Buick. It now resides in Crookston, Minnesota near the North Dakota border.


Final assembly rail lines in 1983.


The Buick City Railroad showing #818 in it’s new paint scheme. After the creation of Buick City the only factory south of Leith st. still having regular rail delivery was factory #12 body shop.





Photograph of #818 before it’s transformation. The red white and blue motif was done for the bi-centennial in 1976. It was also renumbered as 1776.



Here is engine 792.
Looking north up Division Street between factories #31 / 11 and #81 / 70. 

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