The Trip I Made

Here is a tour book from March 10, 1928 showing a Henry Jacobs that toured the Buick factories. The link for viewing this book is at 1929 Buick
This picture, and the one shown below, (from another later edition) is done a little different than my copy. This particular copy sold on E-Bay for $217.20. But I have seen them go for between $50.00 to $250.00. The name engraved on the cover of this one is Robert Leonard. See the centerfold in my edition farther below.
This is a copy from February 24, 1930. They added another picture or two. Some of the wording has been changed in this later edition.

This was a keepsake given to visitor’s that toured the Buick factory in the 20’s & 30’s. This is an early edition. I have seen some later editions (shown above) with different drawings inside. This particular one “that I own” has the name K.E. Burgan embossed on the cover. You can super enlarge just about any photo on this blog for viewing small details. The way this is done is a little different depending on which browser is used.


2 thoughts on “The Trip I Made

  1. This is amazing. I love how the illustration style captures the factory in much the same way the artist would render some tranquil nature scene.Do you own this book?

  2. Hello Gordie, I have bid on this book twice over the last 10 years but was always outbid. This is one that was posted to and I just photo shopped it to clean it up. I actually bid on this exact book. I think it went for around $50.00. I'm always bidding, sometimes I win and sometimes I don't. These souvenir books were personalized with the persons name on the front cover in gold lettering. later, Gerry

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