Unknown Buick badge

Adam Havasi a WW II researcher from Hungary, is trying to identify this Buick artifact. Following is his letter. Anyone with information as to what this is “PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT”.

Lately I am working on an aircraft crash site where I found the enclosed Buick badge (the scale is in millimeters). My personal opinion is that this plate may be the top of a finger ring, or it is a mini badge without the pin, but I know there are many more opportunities.

It is heavily burned and that is why the bubbles are in the blue surface. Even the text was under the blue molten material, which made it unreadable until I was cleaning it a bit. That is why I think it was on-board until the crash.

The GM – Buick Center had chased me down to Hell after asking them the same question.

So, would you please help me finding out what that small badge really is, and when it may be dated?

Thank you very much!

Friendly regards,

Adam Havasi


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