The City That Never Was.

Like so many ideas for the Buick City site these tentative plans never seen their day in the sun. These beautification ideas were to coincide with the Auto World theme park located at the old I.M.A. site in downtown Flint. But as history has shown us, Auto World was a bad idea from the start. A few trees and bush’s were planted around the factory complex but no major landscaping ever took place. There never was enough real planning done by the Buick City team. In 1983 they handed around a questionnaire which asked the question “Which restaurant would the employees most like located on the second floor of Buick City”. At that time production was to be limited to the first floor only. But we soon learned that we needed all available space at the facility. The plans for a fast food restaurant were soon scraped. As I recall Burger King won out. This from my personal collection.


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