Buick Through The Years.

This is the description of the photo above.
This northeast view is from 1947.
This north view is from 1930.
Back of above photo. follow link for a final view from June 7, 2000:

Buick City June 7th, 2000

One thought on “Buick Through The Years.

  1. These are really great stuff you got here, Mr. Godin. I haven't found posts and information as interesting as yours. I must say, Buick knowledge here seems credible enough to me. Anyway, I started to take interest in Buick cars when I was about ten years old when my father used to tag me along every time he looks for new car models. I think Buick is one of the true classic cars out there. I once talked to a Buick (Los Angeles-based) dealer when I visited my dad in Cali. He offered me a good deal on a pre-owned 2005 Buick LaCrosse. I think I might close the deal before I head back to Texas. Anyway, I'm just wondering… Where's the oldest Buick factory there in Michigan?

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