Buick’s Second Main Office.

Here is a nice photo showing good detail of the east addition. Added in 1955. Link for this announcement.  The 1916 building announcement
October 4, 1917 article.
Here you can see it from the west end. That is factory #04 shown at the left. Factory #01 is still standing behind the office, so I know this is previous to 1963.
This shows the addition added to the east end of the office on Hamilton Avenue in 1955. 
An aerial view from 1920 shortly after the main office was built. That is it in the center foreground north of Hamilton Avenue.
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A closer view of the photos below with a good view of the bridges connecting with factory #01.
A close up of the photo below.
Taken from St Johns st. looking directly west up Hamilton ave.
August 25, 1927 in front of the Buick main office in Flint on Hamilton Avenue.
With factory #01 shown at the right. Facing north-west. 
I have many photos of the office.

Buick’s main office in 1919. It was built on the same site as the first office on Hamilton Avenue. You can see a small portion of the guard shack at lower left corner. The view is facing northeast.
Date of above photo.

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Main Office Building First & Second

Buick Main Office



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