W.F Stewart Factory #4 1912

This view from 1910 facing south east across the intersection of Industrial and Hamilton Avenue, shows the W.F. Stewart plant #4 where open body’s were built before their trip through the tunnel under Hamilton Avenue, making their way to the factory #01 paint facility at the Buick complex.

These are the men who built the early Buick body’s. This factory was located at Industrial and Hamilton Avenue on the south-east corner. The Stewart company built body’s for many of the early car and carriage company’s in Flint, Michigan. Links

Inside factory #4

Factory #4 and #3 Body Shop

Buick Assembly 1922

W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard

Industrial and Hamilton 1913

1934 Buick Demolition

Buick Factories 1910

Hamilton Avenue #4-#08 And Weston-Mott

Hamilton Avenue about 1909

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