Factory #08

October 24, 1906 article of Buick’s intention to build factory #08 garage. Judging by the time needed back then for building construction I would guess that #08 was open for business in late 1907 or early 1908.
Article about the beginning of the D.U.R. at the Buick plant.
This south view shows the area of the building being attached to W.F.Stewart #4 body plant. That is the Stewart factory #3 directly south of #08. This is another of those mis-identified photos from the Buick Research Gallery. Dated August 17, 1920.
This south-east view taken from the Buick main office shows the third story addition being added in 1920. This is mis-identified as the main office.
This west facing view up Hamilton Avenue from St. John Street (James P. Cole Blvd. now) shows the relationship of factory #08 with the other factories located along Hamilton ave.
A close up view of the D.U.R. terminal and ticket office (shown below). In this photo from 1925 it does not look like it was being used anymore. “Notice the Buick body trucks at the left”.
Factory #08 is looking quite good now. That is the D.U.R. (Detroit United Railway) terminal for the Inter Urban cars of that period in the foreground.
This west facing view shows a lot of construction work is just finishing up. Dated September 22, 1920.
The announcement for the start of “The Buick Bulletin” in the Horseless age.
Here we have a 1912 Buick sitting in front of factory #08 along Hamilton Avenue. This view is facing north-east with the original Buick main office at the left. The old Imperial Wheel Co. is in the right background. This particular car is stripped for racing. I wish I knew who was sitting behind the wheel?

This street level view (facing south-east) shows factory #08 (or as it was always called) “The Buick Garage”. At the time of this photo the two story structure included a showroom and was also the location for the publication of the Buick Bulletin magazine (see article above). After 1920 and the attachment of the third floor with factory #04 body shop, it was now a true manufacturing facility. During World War II some assembly of tank transmissions took place here. When I was a kid in the fifty’s we used to park behind this factory and wait for my father getting out of work. Links:

Ruth Nash

Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913

Factory #08 1923

Buick 1920 Aerial View

Buick 1910

Overview Buick 1938

Hamilton Avenue #4-#08 And Weston-Mott


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