Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1915.

In this 1915 view of the Weston-Mott factory it shows a lot of activity. The new Industrial bank has been in place for a short time and the road surface is having some more brick work done. I also like how Weston is misspelled. Also this has a good look at Buick factory #01.
Close-up detail showing more bricks being laid at the intersection. I think the street car line (follow links) was extended from this intersection all the way to Saginaw street at this time. Also great office detail.
Close-up detail of the south-west corner of the Weston-Mott factory.
This Weston-Mott employee never mailed this card. It must have been his personal keepsake, as evidenced by his note on the back. links:

Weston Mott & Industrial Bank

Weston Mott 1906-1909

Weston Mott 1909

Buick winter

Weston-Mott Company

Inside Weston-Mott

Weston-Mott 1923

Factory #10 and #07 during construction. Plus Industrial and Hamilton

Weston-Mott Employees

Industrial and Hamilton Showing Oak Park Subdivision

Weston-Mott Officers

Hamilton and Industrial

The Oak Park Industrial Complex 1907

Buick 1920

Industrial and Hamilton

Early views of Buick & Weston-Mott.

Industrial and Hamilton Avenue

Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913

Weston-Mott At Industrial & Hamilton

Factory #4 Postcard Showing Bank


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