Hamilton & Industrial Avenue 1915.

This is the next photo that was taken that day. Here is #29 in this series.
This view facing east up Hamilton Avenue at the intersection of Industrial Avenue shows Weston-Mott at the left and Buick factory #01 just beyond the large tree. The original office building is in front of #01. Beyond that is the Imperial Wheel Company. This would be late 1915 judging by the Buick sign located next to the office. It reads “Buick Six’s Exclusively for 1916”. so this would be after the September model change, since 1916 was the first year of the (exclusive use) of the six cylinder Buick engine and the card is postmarked 1915. link:

Main Office Building First & Second

Weston Mott & Industrial Bank

Weston Mott 1906-1909

Weston Mott 1909

Buick winter

Weston-Mott Company

Inside Weston-Mott

Weston-Mott 1923

Factory #10 and #07 during construction. Plus Industrial and Hamilton

Weston-Mott Employees

Industrial and Hamilton Showing Oak Park Subdivision

Weston-Mott Officers

Hamilton and Industrial

The Oak Park Industrial Complex 1907

Buick 1920

Industrial and Hamilton

Early views of Buick & Weston-Mott.

Industrial and Hamilton Avenue


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