Factory #66 Demolition

The year is 1926 and the new crankshaft factory #66 is now completed. This south-east view is from Conover st. (now Gillispie street.) the same as shown below. This was the corner of the building where I received my fork lift training when we needed to be re-certified. The inside of this factory closely resembled the west end of the Bay City Powertrain plant I retired from in 2003.
This photo and the two below were taken July 15, 2011. The roof trusses used for the “north-south” section of factory #66/#31 are from the old factory #12, just as the “east-west” section used old factory #01 roof trusses. The windows have been changed during a previous re-model of the factory, but this is where the people are standing in the photo shown above, when it was just completed.
Demolition of #66 taken from Gillespie st.
This south-east view showing factory #66 demolition was taken July 17, 2011. Factory #31 is in the distance. That is Gillespie st. visible at the lower right.
Demolition has begun on the old crankshaft factory #66 which later became part of the combined factories know as #31. This view is facing south-east, at the north-end. The factory was originally built in an “L” shape because (old Conover st.) now Gillespie street crossed Industrial avenue at this site. This photo is from July 22, 2011.


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