Factory #11 Demolished.

Google earth image from June 1, 2011 showing only a small portion (about half of the original) of factory #11 still standing. I’m pretty sure this section was gone by July 22, 2011 when I was there.
I tried getting a different view of the demolition from the east entrance of Leith st. but this was as close as I could get.
The wall beyond the angled (or sawtooth) roof is all that is left at the north-end of factory #11 but this was a later addition.
All that was left as of July 22,2011. Facing east.
Factory #11/31 viewed from Oak Park on July 22,2011. I did not realize at that time that this facade was all that was left of the original plant built in 1909. View facing north-east. links: North-End Of Factory #31 Leith Street Revisited. Factory #11 1909 Factory #31 2008 Factory #29 WWI Ambulance Buick Engine Plant #11 Buick Factory Designations Inside Factory #11 1909 Factory #31 2/28/04 1923 depiction of factory layout Factory #11 around 1922 Factory #11 about 1924 Factory #11 before remodel Factory #31 Originally Factory #11


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