Buick Water Towers

These are the water towers north of factory #02. The photo below shows their beginning. This photo was taken from the roof of the power house #14. This view is also facing south-east as shown below. These towers were removed I believe in 1963. The old single water tower which was adjacent to the old original powerhouse #26 built in 1906 was torn down along with the powerhouse during the 1923 -1924 remodeling for the Unified Assembly plant #62. This photo is from Don Bents book “A Place Called Buick”.
This photo taken on October 14, 1920 obviously shows the Buick warehouse and train shed. The crane and donkey engine in this photo are getting ready to start construction on the two matching Buick water towers. You can see the footing for the west tower in the lower left corner. The steel beams are the parts to be erected. That is Division street in the lower right corner heading south. That is the new factory #40 transmission plant in the distance. The cooling pond for the power plant (being built at the same time) will occupy this whole area along Division st. very shortly. This photo is from the Buick Research Gallery.


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