Court Yard Between Factory #07 and #10

This north facing view showing factory #10 (left) and #07 (right) from August 26, 1921 will shortly be a very busy assembly line. This is where my father Emmanuel Godin spent much of his time at Buick. I myself toured factory #62 in the late 50’s. At that time we entered through the new factory #04; west of factory #10. Our tour started at the old (second) main office on Hamilton Avenue which was demolished in 1968.

Tires and wheels exiting old factory #07. “Quite a delivery system”.

The unique parallel assembly lines in action.

Detail during construction.

Detail showing construction of the roof. This is from Don Bents book.

This shows where factory #62 will shortly be located. The rail line is still in place and no doubt aided in the construction of this unique factory. The photos shown during construction are from Don Bents book: A Place Called Buick. Shown at left (facing north-east) is from 1920 and is from the Buick Research Gallery. Links:

Factory #62 1937 Factory #62 The Forty’s Factory #62 1942 Buick Assembly 1947 Factory #62 Revisited. Overview Buick 1938 Factory #10 1923 Emmanuel Godin “Mannie”


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