W.F. Stewart Factory #4.

This early photo of the Stewart factory #3 I took at the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan. I took a shot of this a few years back, and at that time it “was labeled” as factory #3. You can faintly see when you enlarge this photo–W.F. Stewart Carriage wood works under the third floor windows. This photo is taken from Harriet Street. This building was located south-east of factory #4.
This is the most recognized view of the W.F.Stewart factory #4. This photo seems to have been taken from Buick factory #01 facing south-west. “Excuse my thumb in the photo”. According to Don Bent: In his book “A Place Called Buick” the first Buick body’s were built at Stewart factory #1 located on West Second street. He states that factory #3 was their first factory built at the Oak Park Industrial complex south of Hamilton Avenue in 1900. The new Stewart Factory #4 built in 1907 became Buick’s factory #4 in 1908. Fascinating history Don. Your book is a must have. All photos are from the Buick Research Gallery and Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan.
This view facing directly north from the court yard shows good detail of the south-end of factory #4. The tower at the left is the Oak Park fire station.
Another view of the court yard behind (south of) factory #4. You are facing north-west on October 16, 1920. Excuse the reflection on this photo. You are not allowed to remove the photos from the Mylar sleeve at the Research Gallery.
This photo was taken from the old Stewart plant. This is a great look at Industrial Avenue back then. You are looking directly north. Weston-Mott (Buick #31 at this time) is in the foreground and factory #05 enamel plant is visible in the distance. Links: W.F Stewart Factory #4 1912 W.F. Stewart Inside + Postcard Industrial & Hamilton Avenue 1913 1934 Buick Demolition Buick Factories 1910 Hamilton Avenue #4-#08 And Weston-Mott Hamilton Avenue Early 1909 Inside factory #4 Factory #4 and #3 Body Shop View of Flint from Buick Factory #4 Postcard Showing Bank


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