Pickling Room Building #64.

This view facing south-west from Division Street shows the factory #03 forge plants north-end. The light colored brick building at the right is the Pickling room (bldg.#64) for the forge. Pickling is a chemical process for removing rust or scale from metal. That is part of the steel yard in the foreground. This area in my time would be occupied by building #12c. Where the pickling room is located would be the rail dock for factory #12 in the distant future. This photo is dated October 1, 1924.
This view of the Pickling room is facing north-east. One of the Buick powerhouse (#14) smoke stacks can be faintly seen over the building. These photos are from the Buick research Gallery. Links: Liberty Crankshaft March 1919

Original Forge #03 Before And After 1913 Fire.


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