Buick Factory #01.

This card from around 1910 from my own collection can be super enlarged. November 2, 1905 construction update for factory #01 (actual ground breaking was November 1, 1905). Judging by the article below, the office got a later start on construction than originally planned.
October 3, 1906 construction update for factory #01.
Inside factory #01 paint department in 1922. This would be in one of the wing sections of the factory.
Inside factory #01 at the Hamilton Avenue factory. This photo is dated 1910 but is probably how the plant looked in 1909.. This would be the center section.
I like this advertisement where Buick is selling their leftovers. Obviously they did not have a Service and Parts department yet. Judging by the date I think the factory #1 the ad is referring to is the Kearsley Street factory, but I’m not sure.
News of the first Buick factory on Flint’s north side from July 1, 1906.

Here is another photo of factory #01 on Hamilton Avenue.

The two short articles above, from the Trade Journal “Motor Age” give approximate dates for construction of Buick’s first factory #01 on the Oak Park site located at the old Hamilton farm on Flint’s north side in late 1905. The contract for construction was signed on September 4,1905. the builders were Field, Hinchman & Smith from Detroit. The General contractors were the Charles A. Moses Co. out of Chicago. The date for start-up at the new site is believed to be February of 1907. As stated in Don Bent’s book “A Place Called Buick” quote: “Lawrence Gustin, a knowledgeable Buick historian, understands the date to have been February 2, 1907. Although there is no documentation to confirm the February date, there is confirmation that by the end of LinkFebruary, Buick Models F and G’s were shipped from the Flint factory. In all likelihood, Model F and G production – the high-volume Buick’s, had been moved back from Jackson at this time. Other lower production models were still probably produced in Jackson”. end quote.
A nice view of the east wing of factory #01 in this north-west view. Photo taken October 6, 1919.
I’m not sure of the occasion shown here. You are looking east up Hamilton Avenue from Industrial Avenue. Part of the Weston-Mott office is visible at the left.

Factory #01 and the main office facing east north-east.

I like the horse and wagon making a delivery in this 1908 north-east view of factory #01 taken from the roof of the W.F. Stewart body works.  The powerhouse (shown directly north of the factory) was built at the same time as factory #01 between 1905 and 1906. A generating plant for electricity was built (later) north of the powerhouse also.
A nice view of factory #01 with #06 running farther north along Division Street. Hamilton Avenue is in the foreground. With the Pere Marquette main line at lower right. This is 1907. At this time assembly of Buick’s was being started in factory #06. Factory #01 was now used for painting and transmission assembly.
Factory #01 in 1907. The photo below  from 1908 and shows a closeup of the office area. Factory #08 on the south side of Hamilton Avenue has just been built and is barley visible in the large photo.. Also notice that the powerhouse only has one stack at this time.
A very early view showing the original covered walk for office personnel. When you enlarge you will notice the horse drawn sleigh.
This west facing view has factory #01 at the right. “It was connected to the main office”. In this view you can see a worker sprinting across the Pere Marquette main line at lower right.
Another familiar view of Buick’s first factory located at the “Oak Park Industrial Complex”. This north view from around 1910 shows a Pere Marquette spur line at right with Hamilton Avenue running east to west in front of the factory and office. As you may know factory #01 was originally the west Kearsley Street plant but after this one was built the Kearsley plant became #02.
I like this postcard (which most people have seen) only this one includes the switch engine along with the horse and wagon. Photos are from the Buick Research Gallery and Sloan Museum plus my own collection. Links: Louis Chevrolet At Buick Buick Assembly Court Yard. Division Street Hamilton & Industrial Avenue 1915. Early views of Buick & Weston-Mott. Buick At High Noon Buick Around 1907 Body Receiving 1947. Walter Marr,Buick’s First Engineer Factory #01 closed body receiving 1924. Buick 1932 Division Street 1934 Champion Ignition Company 1908 Factory #01 Roof Trusses Buick winter Buick 1911 Buick factory #1 & #6 Buick Factories 1908 Hamilton Avenue Factory #4 View Factory #1 Buick 1920 Buick Factory #1 1907 Buick Factory #1 Machine Floor Buick Factory #01 interior

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